6th May 2021
  • Rainmaker by Bobbie Gentry
  • Satellite Vision by Glen Nelson
  • Motions by George Houston
  • Black Myself by Amythyst Kiah
  • Black Night Woman by F.J.McMahon
  • Welcome 2 America by Prince
  • Jes’ Hollerin’ by The Schmegal Brothers
  • Lady by Abigail Pryde
  • My Way, Soon by Greta Van Fleet
  • L’appartement by Clio (feat. Iggy Pop)
  • Closer by Lumison (feat. Josie Duncan)
  • All that remains of Corinth by Courage of Lassie
  • S Gann Gun Dìrich Mì Chaoidh by Deirdre Graham
  • Slekter by Erlend Apseneth Trio
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