15th September 2023
  • I’m Your Breadmaker Baby by Slim Harpo
  • Belle Emilie by É.T. É.
  • Oscillations by Silver Apples
  • What You Do with What You’ve Got by Siobhan Miller
  • Gallipoli by Floral Image
  • Blue by D. Cullen
  • Cul-de -sac by Neve Cariad
  • Autumn’s Fiery Tongue by Emma Tricca
  • Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues by Larkin Poe
  • Tha Mi Duilich by Man of the Minch & Josie Duncan
  • Evicted by Wilco
  • By Now (Accused of Magic) by Kofi Flexxx
  • Don’t Bang The Drum by The Waterboys
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