30th July 2020
  • Me & Mr Hohner by Bobby Darrin
  • This Is Your Life by Glaxo Babies
  • Down by the Water by Abigail Lapell
  • Ldn City Lights by Blue Rose Code
  • Cafe Genou by Zoufris Maracas
  • Voices In The Sky by Isobel Campbell
  • The Super-Natural by Peter Green Splinter Group
  • Strange Girl by Laura Marling
  • Sweet Greens and Blues by Shirley Collins
  • Calum Bhan by Josie Duncan Signy Jakobsdottir & Hamish Macleod
  • Room 4 Love by Ekkah
  • Cast Away by The Lowest Pair
  • I’ve Got a Secret (Didn’t We Shake Sugaree) by Fred Neil
  • Calentita by The Limiñanas
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